Ube Plant
The Ube Plant was Central Glass' first manufacturing complex, and today it has expanded, producing mainly soda ash, ammonium chloride, and calcium chloride through the ammonium chloride soda process. In April 1974, production of hydrofluoric acid started at the Plant. Used as a raw material, it enabled the Plant to expand facilities and produce organic fluorine compounds, high-purity fluoride gas, active pharmaceutical ingredients and intermediates, therefore developing Central Glass' fine chemical business. In addition, a facility for flat glass through the float process was built and started to produce high-grade flat glass in December 1992. The Ube Plant maintains organic relationships with Central Kasei Co., Ltd. (which produces compound fertilizers and phosphoric acid) and affiliated companies including Ube Sodium Silicate Co., Ltd. (which produces sodium silicate cullet). Due to these relationships, the Ube Plant is Central Glass' primary production site for compound fertilizer, basic chemical products, organic and inorganic fine chemical products, and flat glass. ??^?P

Matsusaka Plant
As the primary Central Glass production facility, the Matsusaka Plant boasts the latest in manufacturing equipment, including units for producing flat glass using the revolutionary float process; polished plate glass through the Duplex process, the only unit in the world utilizing this process. Units for producing figured glass, safety glass, sealed insulating glass, and high-performance heat reflective glass, which are produced through the sputtering process are also included within the Matsusaka Plant. ??^?Q

Sakai Plant
Our glass business originated at the Sakai Plant, where sheet glass was produced utilizing both the Fourcault process and the Pittsburgh process, and figured glass was fabricated through use of the continuous roll-out process. Since November 1982, the plant has been producing high-grade flat glass employing the float process, considered to be a dramatic advance in sheet glass manufacturing methodology, for meeting diversified and high-grade flat glass demand. The plant is equipped with the latest technology for processing and polishing fine glass products, reflecting the rapid growth in demand for glass substrate used in the electronics industry.
Kawasaki Plant
Kawasaki Plant, our former subsidiary Central Chemical Co., Ltd.,was established in April 1963 in cooperation with present Tonen General Sekiyu K.K. In April 2003, Central Chemicals was incorporated into Central Glass as our 4th domestic plant. It produces various chemical products including, organic fluorine compounds, hydrochloric acid, etc. ??^?R
R&D Centers
Chemical Research Centers

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Chemical Research Center Chemical Research Center (Ube)

The Chemical Research Center is the center for our chemical research and development efforts. As the hub for our development of organic and inorganic fine chemicals and fluororesin, the center strives to generate new products and technology.

Glass Research Center

The Glass Research Center is the core of our glass business, focusing on the higher functions of glass toward the development of innovative products and technologies.
Glass Research Center

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